1. Protection of Personal Data

1.1. Kankura Salazar – Agentes Internacionais, Lda is committed to the protection and confidentiality of the User´s personal data.We have taken the technical and organisational measures required to comply with the General Regulation on the Protection of Data of a Personal Nature – European Parliament and Council Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016, thereby guaranteeing your personal data is processed in a legal, fair and transparent manner, and is restricted to the authorised purposes. Moreover, we have adopted the appropriate measures to ensure the accuracy, integrity and confidentiality of your personal data, in addition to all the other rights to which you are entitled.

1.2. The User authorises the collection and computer processing of his/her personal data by Kankura Salazar – Agentes Internacionais, Lda, including all the data provided at the time of registering on the website

1.3. The data supplied by the User is intended for registration on the website, access control and the creation, execution and management of agreements for the purchase and sale of Kankura Golf products.

1.4. The controller of the processing of the personal data is Kankura Salazar – Agentes Internacionais, Lda, whereby the data may also be accessed by service providers of Kankura Salazar – Agentes Internacionais, Lda, more specifically, accounting and audit firms.

1.5. The User further authorizes Kankura Salazar – Agentes Internacionais, Lda to disclose his / her personal data to other companies in Portugal for the purposes of direct marketing, advertising, market prospection and analysis, whereby the User may also oppose such disclosure at any time.

1.6. Your personal data may be disclosed to service providers of Kankura Salazar – Agentes Internacionais, Lda for the purposes of the provision of services, as well as to legal, tax and inspection authorities for the purpose of compliance with legal requirements.

1.7. The User authorises the collection of his / her personal data and the computer processing of the sameto facilitate the delivery of orders and the execution of inherent administrative operations, including the monitoring of the process and the provision of information to the User, with a view to the preparation of statistical studies, promotional activities and direct marketing by Kankura Salazar – Agentes Internacionais, Lda.

1.8. The data supplied by the User will be kept / stored in theKankura Salazar – Agentes Internacionais, Lda database for the period of time required for the execution of the orders, provisions of services, respective billing and compliance with legal obligations.

1.9. The User has the right to access the personal data in the "Sign In" area of the website at any time, as well as, within the scope of the contractual terms and the Regulation, to amend, oppose processing, decide on the automated processing of the data, withdraw consent and exercise the remaining rights set forth in the law (except when the data is essential to the provision of the services by Kankura Salazar – Agentes Internacionais, Lda, and, as such, must be supplied, or in compliance with the legal obligations to which Kankura Salazar – Agentes Internacionais, Lda is subject). Withdrawing your consent does not compromise the legitimacy of the processing conducted up to that date.In accordance with the provisions of the Regulation, you have the right to be notified in the event your personal data is violated, whereby you may file a complaint with the respective authority(ies).