Why Kankura Golf

My name is Antonio Kankura Salazar. I´m an engineer, I love nature and I’ve been developing, researching and creating shoes for the last 30 years. Over the years we turned ideas into new collections, invented and used new tecnologies. Challenges were fueling our passion to create new shoes and never stopped us.

The first 25 years we dedicated all of our energy into developing sporty, casual and urban footwear for multinational costumers, never loosing the dream of doing something special with our experienced team.  Our focus was to support at any given time our Partners and finally, in 2014 we decided to start a new adventure.

Playing golf is fantastic! But it’s also a challenge. The same can be said for developing and producing the right shoes for the game. Our vision is to produce the finest and best European golf shoes! Made in Europe, more specifically in Portugal! We only use European certified sustainable and recicled or recicable materials.

Our factories meet the highest standards concerning environment, using renewable energy and respecting the tightest codes of conduct.

In addition to my passion for the game and for shoes that drive me in the search of the perfect golf shoe, we have Golf Pros, shoe and sole tecnicians, orthopedic doctors, designers and other dreamers contributing their specific knowledge to create this very special product. Every season we believe to have reached the best shoe to immediately start to question every detail in the serach for perfection, better comfort and performance.

Right now we have an extraordinary collection, created for your pleasure, developed to enhance your game on the course and surely an example of sustainability and respect for the environment.

Thank you for trusting us, we will continue investing in your future.