How many pairs am I allowed to order?

You are allowed to order as many pairs as you need or want.

How do I know if you received my order?

An order confirmation e-mail will be sent to Kankura Golf and customer immediately after the purchase containing an order summary and number.

What if I forgot my password?

To recover your password/username, please go to "Login" and click "Forgot password?". Fill the required fields and your password will be sent to your e-mail account. We would like to remind you, however, that a registration or log in is not necessarily required to make a purchase. 

Who do I contact for support?

You can contact us by e-mail to info@kankuragolf.com 

Can I get products shipped out on a Saturday or Sunday?

You can order 24/7 but we only ship products from Monday to Friday. However, we will make every effort to ship your order as quickly as possible.

How long will it take to get my order?

Delivery depends on many conditions. However, our commitment with our customers is to have a fast and an effective delivery service. Standard transit days are 1-2 days for Europe and 2-4 days for the rest of the world.

Do I need to register before I can order?

No, you do not. Our website allows you to order as a guest, which means customers can add articles to the cart immediately and only fulfill the necessary data at last step, without creating any registration.

Can I request samples online?

No, you can´t. For more information about this issue, please contact us through following: sales@kankuragolf.com

Do you have a warranty on your products?

Please check "Guarantees and Post-Sale Services" in Terms and Conditions for more information on this issue.

Are Kankura Golf shoes waterproof?

Kankura Golf shoes are designed and produced to resist water in a golf match scenario. We do not advise to use them on rainy days as waterproof street shoes as different variants may influence their waterproof performance.

What size should I order?

Kankura Golf shoes are manufactured in European sizes (UK). To make sure the customer selects the correct size, we have a size chart available in every product page.

What are the most appropriate shoes for my fitting?

In both men and women collections, we have wider and thinner fittings. For instance, if you are a man and you have a wider fitting, we would suggest you to purchase a MASTER or CHALLENGE shoe. For thinner feet, we have SCOTTSDALE model. For being a more sportive shoe, DRIVE fits in both categories.

In the ladies’ case, for wider fitting we advise MASTER LADY and FLORIDA for narrower feet. (More classic shape)

How can I return my order?

Go to our website and choose “Want to return an order?”.

Enter your order number and email address to start.

Follow the instructions and select the items you want to return and tell us why.

Once your request is approved, you will get a confirmation email with shipping guidelines

To make sure the article you want to return fulfills the criteria, take a look at our return policy at “Orders/Returns”.

What if I have a problem with an order I've received?

If you have a problem of any kind, you can contact us through info@kankuragolf.com explaining the details/nature of it.

What are your shipping costs?

We offer free shipping on all orders over 100€/$, except for the UK, Switzerland and Norway. Import fees, if applicable, will be borne by the customer.

Can I return/exchange the shoes for free?

If there´s something wrong with the shoes or it was Kankura Golf that made a mistake in your order, returns and exchanges are free.

In other cases, you can either send the shoes to us by your means or we´ll provide you with a return label and charge a return fee.