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About Kankura Golf

The majority of the golf players do it for pleasure. They play golf passionately and want to have a pair of shoes to wear for the whole golf day. They wake up and after enjoying a relaxing shower they decide what to wear that day: fashion sportswear and shoes, certainly.
Our shoes have an appealing design, a perfect fitting and an incredible comfort on and off the golf course. Consequently, Kankura Golf shoes help you reach that one digit handicap.
You can use them to go to the bakery, buy the newspaper and meet the old friends for breakfast. Then you take your friends to the Clubhouse and walk 18 holes! After winning, you drive back home with the cup, making everyone jealous.
The perfect day!
All this sounds like a story but actually it’s our commitment to the golf players.
What do people look for when they buy golf shoes?
Some studies say comfort. Fact is before you feel comfortable you have to like the design. Naturally if you like the design you take the shoes and you try them on! This is the moment where you feel the comfort and the perfect fitting and think “ I can walk forever with these shoes!”.
After a long time of perfect golfing and a new lower handicap you decide to buy Kankura Golf again and create some new memories.